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Ubden Software

Ubden Software produces custom software for your business. It offers you full range solutions with sectoral software and industry software. It offers ERP, MRP, CRM, IoT, M2M, SaaS and Mobile Application (Android / Ios) software solutions. With multi-language support, you can use it in every country and language, and unlimited updates.

It's not over! With my Graphics and Designs team, you can do all your UI, GUI and all your graphic needs with us.


  • Buy Package Software
  • Create Custom Software
  • Software Support and Consulting
  • Graphics and Design
  • Advertising Management

Ubden Electronics

Ubden Electronics produces electronic products that are both integrated with software and specific to your needs. It can produce all circuit boards, motherboards, chips and ICs as well as special useful and reliable products. You can also make efficient projects with upgraded ardunio, raspberry pi 3/4 and ready cards.

We design and manufacture electronic accessories and electrical charging materials from A to Z.


  • Smart Electronic Products.
  • Electronic Consumer Products
  • Programmable Electronic Circuits
  • Home and Office Electronics
  • Consumables and Electronic Accessories

Ubden Fitness

We are changing sports and fitness habits. All the products you need in fitness and sports activities are here with their innovations. Hit Cardio, Strengthing, Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga equipment. Fitness stations crossfit stations. Sports Wear and Sports accessories.

All and more..


  • Sports Stations
  • Fitness Ekipmanları
  • Yoga and Pilates Products
  • Sportswear
  • Sports and Fitness Accessories

Ubden Outdoor

Outdoor products and unisex Outdoor wearables. All camping and camping products, hunting and hunting products. Special products for outdoor and new season outdoor products. Essential products for all outdoor activities. Outdoor leisure and activity products. Durable, water and dust resistant products..

All and more.


  • Outdoor activity and entertainment products
  • Wearable unisex products for the outdoors.
  • Camping and Camping products.
  • All Hunting and Hunting products
  • Mountain and Mountaineering Products

Ubden Home & Garden

All electrical and non-electric products you can think of for your home and garden. Love your home and garden more with our products. Multifunctional household appliances and tools. Multifunctional garden tools.

All and more.


  • Small and large appliances
  • Smart home appliances
  • Home and Garden Lighting and Decor
  • Garden products and supplies
  • All electric and non-electric garden tools

Ubden Handmade

100% handmade products. Special design and category-independent master-made textile, wood, glass, epoxy, resin, metal products. UV, not uv, laser, natural or painter painting design products. Handmade accessories (jewelry and bijouterie). Natural materials and high quality products with master craftsmanship.

All and more.


  • Handmade textile products
  • Masterpiece natural products
  • Organic raw materials
  • Painter painting and designs
  • Textile, Leather, Wood, Glass, Metal, Epoxy, Resin all and more. ..

Ubden Men

Our specially selected category for men. Men's clothing, men's accessories, men's shoes, men's suits, special products for men. Everything a man needs. Seasonal men's fashion. Everything for men.

All and more.


  • Men's clothing
  • Men's Accessory
  • Men's shoes
  • Men's Personal Care products
  • Everything for men

Ubden Women

Our specially selected category for women. Women's clothing, women's accessories, women's shoes, women's suits, special products for women. Everything a woman needs. Seasonal women's fashion. Everything for women.

All and more.


  • Women's clothing
  • Women's Accessory
  • Women's shoes
  • Women's Personal Care products
  • Everything for Women

Ubden Kids and Baby

Children's and baby products.Our specially selected category for kids and baby. kids and baby's clothing, kids and baby's accessories, women's shoes, oyuncaklar ve eğlence ürünleri, special products for kids and baby. Everything a kids and baby needs. Seasonal kids and baby's fashion. Everything for kids and baby.

All and more


  • Kids and Baby's clothing
  • Kids and Baby's Accessory
  • Kids and Baby's shoes
  • Kids and Baby's Personal Care products
  • Toys and Entertainment products

Ubden Kitchen

Everything for your kitchen. Kitchen tools and utensils. Kitchen stuff. All necessary utensils for kitchen professionals. Electric kitchen appliances, choppers, mixers and more.

All and more


  • Electric kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen tools and utensils
  • Kitchen stuff
  • Choppers and Shakers
  • Cooking and Dinnerware

Ubden Furniture

Do you need furniture? All home, office, garden furniture. Living room, guest room, bedroom, children's room furniture. Office furniture for your office. Garden, terrace and patio furniture. decor items.

All and more


  • Home and Office furniture
  • Garden, Terrace, Patio and Pantry furniture
  • Living room, living room, bedroom and children's furniture
  • Custom Office furniture
  • Sofa, Table, Chair, Bed, Base, Wardrobe and more


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