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Ubden® has been serving in Turkey under different names since 2009. In 2019, it started to provide international service as a patented brand. Ubden® is not just a technology company, it is an innovative startup workshop.
Ubden®, which is growing day by day with its big business partners and teammates with qualified talents, maintains its leading position in its sector.


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We've created special capabilities to maximize your business.

We Find..


We make the most accurate needs analysis and find or produce the product and software you need. We analyze this project from the beginning to the end, we make test and feasibility studies and present it to you. We determine and prepare preliminary user tests, security tests and other tests for our customers. We are now ready to move on to the 2nd stage of the product or software with a full analysis.

We find the most accurate need of our customers.

We Search..


Now we can move on to the step of determining what we need for our product, which has all been analyzed and the final decision has been made. At this stage, there is a search for the raw materials and suppliers required for the product/software, and checking the necessary permits. Finding a skilled craftsman for handmade products is one of these stages.

We search for the most accurate resources according to needs

We Collect..


In the last step before going into production, we summarize all the previous steps and collect everything necessary for the job. Raw materials and suppliers are selected, manufacturers are determined. The best handmade craftsmen are selected for this work and everything is made ready. Now we can start production.

We collect everything necessary for perfect production

We Provide..


Now we can start production. Production of high quality products with 24/7 internal and external audited production monitoring. Value-added process control for minimizing mass production errors. Completion of pre-prepared tests for sample productions and approval to continue mass production. Post-production delivery to the customer and tracking the customer experience.

We provide traceable production and quality product experience